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Clove Garland

Clove Garland


Devotees offer Clove Garlands to the Perumal and Mahalakshmi. One who offers a Clove Garland will be blessed with goodness memory. Spiritual experts believe it can bring good luck in career. Parents offer Clove Garlands to LAkSHMI HAYAGRIVA for improvement and progress in education of the children. Saint Shirdi Sai Baba inspired to create Clove Garland Pooja will get rid of ignorance in life. Everyone's karma, their current situation and the devotion on God differs. So based on your karma, hard work and other positive aspects. You will certainly be blessed with good career growth. When you go Clove Garland Pooja. Offering Clove Garland heals one's health also and blesses them with good health. Offering to God will bring wealth and prosperity to your family. It has the power to fulfill your wishes and dreams. It is considered pious and is used in preparing bhog for the Almighty. It can twist your fate and bring good luck. Improving financial stability and attract growth. Attracting money abundance and prosperity in life. ( )

Top Highlights :

* 100% natural Clove Garland.
* Positive wipes in your pooja room.
* Long life compared to natural flower.
* Natural fragrance.
* Ideal for God photo and idol.
Auspicious to God.

Where can garland be used?

When you wear Shawl,towel and give gift items to welcome VIPs, they will give it to their Personal Assistance, not to take home, but if you wear Clove Garland, they will happily take Clove Garland to home with positive wipes. So,only the best thing to honour VIPs is Clove Garland. ( )

Preferred for:

# Devotional for God statues.
# Adorn statues.
# Marriages and Wedding Receptions.
# 60th Birthday functions.
# Half Saree functions.
# Felicitate social.
# Political leaders and achievers.
# Decorations.
# The Memorable Gifts.
# all sort of functions.

Clove Garland's Designs, Models & Prices:

Clove Garlands are made and given in thickness ranging from 3 inches to 15 inches and above your wish. Length ranging from 1 feet to 20 feet and above your wish. Garland starts the price from Rs.200 to Rs.20000 and above. ( )

Special feature for wedding:

* clovegarland Crown, Hand held clovegarland Bouquet for bride and groom available with us.
   Height, thickness and design can be customized as per your requirement. We are always ready to fulfill your dreams. Tell us more about your occasion. ( )

Clove With Cardamom Garland



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We got Fresh Clove Garland.good packing. Thanks

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I got very fresh garland as per display..Thank you your service on date

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